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07/07/15: Tenth anniversary of 7/7: 7/7 Ten Years On - An indictment of the State and the state of investigative journalism

03/10/11: New 7/7 Video released by Tom Secker: 7/7: Crime and Prejudice

03/06/11: J7 announce the launch of the Official blog of the Free Mohammed Campaign.

21/03/11: J7 publish our Submission to the Inquests regarding resumption of the inquests into the four.

29/10/10: J7 publish 7/7 Inquests transcripts as searchable, print-friendly PDFs.

16/10/10: J7 launch the dedicated new J7: 7/7 Inquests Blog for latest Inquests news and analysis.

07/10/10: J7 publish our Submissions to the 7 July Inquests, a series of documents compiled following Lady Justice Hallett's decision to accept submissions suggesting questions and lines of inquiry for the Inquests.

10/08/10: A new film 7/7: Seeds of Deconstruction has been released that places 7/7 in its wider historical and political context, and examines some of the many unanswered questions that still surround 7 July 2005.

01/08/10: J7 publish a review of another 7/7 related book, Out of the Tunnel, by Rachel 'North'.

07/07/10: J7 publish a detailed analysis of the number 30 bus explosion in Tavistock Square.

01/11/09: J7 respond to two 7/7 articles published in Notes from the Borderland issues 7 and 8. Read our response here.

01/11/09: Debunking 7/7 Debunking: An article in two parts that debunks some of the disingenuous attacks against those not convinced by the official story of 7/7. Read Part 1 here and read Part 2 here. October 2010 update: Debunking 7/7 Debunking Part 3.

04/07/09: J7 publish a revised, updated and expanded list of nine possible Alternative Hypotheses.

03/03/09: J7 publish an exclusive interview with political prisoner Hussain al-Samamra, a Palestinian who sought political asylum in the UK, only to be imprisoned for two years without charge by the British State.

13/01/09: J7 challenge assertions made by Paul Stott in his paper and presentation to the Anarchist Studies Network conference at Loughborough University

14/04/08: Latest J7 article in the Capitalising on Terror series published: Human Rights Abuses & The Demonisation of 'The Enemy' in Secret Britain

07/03/08: J7 publish two new articles summarising the results of the 7/7 investigation, "Three years of investigation, 7 arrests, 3 charges" - Part 1 and Part 2. See also the latest update.

07/02/08: J7 Exclusive Report: Peter Power's CV Fakery - 7/7 terror rehearsal man and regular BBC 'terror' consultant was suspended from Dorset Police pending an internal inquiry that resulted in a file being sent to the Director of Public Prosecutions. Full story here.

04/01/08: In July 2007 the BBC approached J7 asking for participants in a 'documentary' about 7/7. Six months after initial contact, the BBC revealed the 'documentary' was part of BBC2's risible Conspiracy Files series. On learning this, J7 declined to participate. Find out why in the full J7 response to the BBC.

03/12/07: 7/7 Ripple Effect - J7 issue a rebuttal and rejection of the film and its unsubstantiated speculation.

05/11/07: Latest J7 Flyer published. View here, download PDF here and here

11/09/07: J7 book review - J7 reviews The 4th Bomb, a book by Daniel Obachike.

11/09/07: J7 reconstruct and republish the 7-7 discussion from the forum of cult writer/director Alex Cox.

24/08/07: Over a year since Dr John Reid acknowledged a fundamental error in the official Home Office 7/7 narrative, J7 receive a response to a series of Freedom of Information requests which includes an amendment to the repeatedly discredited narrative. Read the story and the revised section of the Home Office narrative on the J7 blog.

16/08/07: Channel 4 News' Darshna Soni blogs about the need for a 7/7 public inquiry and asks how independent or public such an inquiry would be under the Inquiries Act 2005, a piece of legislation that puts the government in control of 'independent' inquiries - 7/7 and the public inquiry dilemma, formerly titled, "Why it's time for a public inquiry into 7/7"

13/08/07: "Anyone who thinks the [Home Office] report is a full account is not being serious or realistic." On the launch of his new film The Homefront, the Cousin of 7/7 victim Anthony Fatayi Williams, filmmaker Thomas Ikimi, tells J7 about his film and the experiences of his family at the hands of the government since 7/7.

30/06/07: Major new content added - J7 Analysis of King's Cross / Russell Square incidents

04/06/07: July 7th Truth Campaign interviewed on Channel 4 News as a new survey shows 59% of Muslims don't believe the government has told the whole truth about 7/7. Watch Darshna Soni's original report, Survey: 'government hasn't told truth about 7/7', read viewer comments on the piece that show it's not just Muslims who don't believe we have been told the truth. See also Darshna Soni's follow-up blog and 7/7 The Conspiracy Theories which explains some of the many errors and anomalies in the official story.

03/06/07: Major new content added - J7 Analysis of Edgware Road / Paddington incidents

28/05/07: Major new content added - J7 Analysis of Liverpool Street / Aldgate / Aldgate East incidents

02/05/07: Full transcript and video of Tayab Ali's post-crevice statement on behalf of Salahuddin Amin

01/05/07: Video, audio and full transcript of Imran Khan's statement on behalf of Nabeel Hussain, who was acquitted of all charges in the Crevice trial

01/05/07: Transcript of Imran Khan's statement on behalf of the 5 men convicted in the Operation Crevice trial, given at the end of the trial on 30/04/07, which includes a statement by J7 on the renewed calls for a public inquiry into the events of 7/7

07/03/07: J7 publish a new article by Professor David MacGregor, 'July 7th as Machiavellian State Terror?' an article in which the events of 7/7 are given historical context and examined as potential acts of, 'Machiavellian state terror, spectacular violence perpetrated against the state by elements of the state itself'.

26/02/07: J7 is pleased and honoured to announce the publication of "The economics of 7/7 and other mysteries of capitalism explained", an article written for the July 7th Truth Campaign by writer and journalist William Bowles.

24/02/07: Brand new J7 article Capitalising on Terror - Who is really destroying our freedoms? - A look at how 7/7 has been used as the justification for the imposition of Draconian laws that criminalise everyone.

06/02/07: J7 publishes the London Bombings Dossier - an extensive portfolio of research by David Minahan, former National President of the MSF (Amicus) Union.

11/01/07: Above Top Secret publish an interview with J7 Truth Campaign team.

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J7 London Bombings Dossier


Index 18 - King's Cross to Russell Square - First Carriage

Official version of events

At 0850 a bomb was detonated by Lindsey Germaine, in the first carriage of Piccadilly line train number 311 travelling south from Kings Cross staion to Russell Square. It killed himself and 26 other people. More than 340 were injured. It took emergency services an hour to reach the first carriage. Once those left alive had been rescued they withdrew leaving the dead bodies in the train as it was feared the roof of the tunnel would collapse.


Were the numbers of dead and injured exaggerated so that casualties from other undisclosed incidents could be allocated to this one?

Exhibits (K-R1 - K-R10)

All the statements are from named witnesses who were in the carriage (first names only for those giving evidence to the GLA 7th July Review Committee)

K-R6aK-R6b (Gill Hicks); K-R9a-b (Carol) and K-R10a-b (Hannah) all confirm that there were deaths and very serious injuries suffered.

However K-R5 (part of the evidence from Rachel) reveals that quite a number of passengers managed to walk down the tracks to safety unaided and that she was above ground by 9.16am.

In K-R2 (Rachel from North London) K-R4d (George) and K-R8 (Mark Margolis) all indicate that they were not aware initially that the incident was a bomb blast.

Carol (supra) confirms that she was in hospital by 0950.

Related Information

Kings Cross

Kings Cross to Russell Square

Kings Cross to Russell Square (official version)

Kings Cross to Euston Square


It appears highly likely that the numbers of casualties were exaggerated by the authorities. Similarly some of the rescue stories highlighted in the “official version” folder would appear to contain a lot of “dramatic licence”.

It is confirmed by the statements that the first carriage “evacuated” to Russell Square, therefore, what is the explanation for the bodies seen at Kings Cross?

It is apparent that the driver of the train played a heroic role in assisting passengers but for some reason this has gone unmentioned in the main stream media.



tavistock square eye witnesses

Graeme Weston: "I met these two people at Tavistock Square walking to hospital. They said they were in the front carriage of the tube as it left Kings Cross when a bomb had exploded. They said they were the lucky ones."

Source: BBC News


The rolling BBC and ITV news started saying the bomb at King's Cross was on the first carriage by the double doors going towards Russell Square - near where I had been standing.

When the blast went off I fell to the left into a heap of people, by the left-hand set of doors.

It was too dark to see what was smashed.

We escaped through the driver's cab and walked to Russell Square but the news said most people escaped out the back and walked to King's Cross.

When I started hearing the bomb was in my carriage, I flipped. I started pacing about.

I phoned the BBC to ask them where they got this information from, then I phoned the anti-terrorist hotline and gave a more detailed witness statement.

Source: BBC News


p.177 Ian: No, I was on the King’s Cross; I was in the first carriage where it went off at Russell Square.

Ian: What basically happened was that I was unconscious for quite a while down there, so by the time I came round, anyone who could get out had got out, so you were pretty much on your own – you are on your own as in no one else is ‘fit to help’. The first assistance was from the train driver, who quite remarkably was waiting at the front of his cab. What you actually look for in these circumstances is someone who can tell you what to do; even if it is a basic ‘stay here’ or ‘move there’, you just need guidance because you are a bit all over the place, as you can imagine. Having worked my way over to him, he said, ‘Walk down the track towards Russell Square”.

Source: 7 July Review Committee [PDF]


a) p.127 I got on the first carriage, the second set of double doors on the platform side.

b) p.128 The doors shut. The timeframe now – other people may say different, but I’m only going from how I lived it – it was approximately 12 seconds, 12-15 seconds, and then this almighty bang.

c) p.129 There was never ever, in the first carriage, any emergency light

d) p.131 What was being bandied around by other passengers who were around – I spoke to someone and said, ‘Do you know what happened down there?’ ‘That person over there said it was a power surge.’ I said, ‘Oh, right.’

He then said that, ‘I have just spoken to somebody who has come back from the front carriage, where you have just came from, and he said, “It’s carnage down there.”’ In my understanding of the English language, you don’t lose that word lightly. He said, ‘It’s absolute carnage.’

Source: 7 July Review Committee [PDF]


p. 49 There were about 30-35 of us in the front of the train, who could walk, who managed to get out down the tracks, led by the other driver, down to Russell Square station. As we walked down these tracks, the people who were more seriously injured, but could still walk, were coming behind us.

p. 50 At 09.18 – because at 09.16 ...

Source: 7 July Review Committee [PDF]


Gill Hicks, 37, who lost both legs at King’s Cross, was the last person to be brought out alive from the buckled carriage.

Garri Holness, 36, travelling just a few yards away from Hicks

Source: Times Online


p 152 “There were no stretchers”

Source: 7 July Review Committee [PDF]


Seconds after the train pulled out, there was a huge bang, then a flash of light

Please keep quiet; the driver is talking to us." The driver opened the connecting door between him and the carriage.

Source: The Times


Mark Margolis, 29, from Finsbury Park, north London. At King's Cross blast

In the first carriage of the Piccadilly line train,

The first time I realised it was a bomb was when I heard people describing how they had walked past body parts. Thankfully I didn't see any of that but it's still just awful."

Source: The Guardian


p 109 Then, I tried to get up and I realised I had lost my leg; I was stuck under debris

I found out later, after I was pulled out, that she died. The next thing, andit must have been about half an hour… Actually, before that a gentleman had said that he was going to get help. I assume he was the driver because there was no one else on there at that time.

P 110 Carol: I am approximating with my times from what I know. I know the bomb went off at 08.50, and I know that it was probably 20 past or 25 past when I was taken out. Then it took 15 minutes to take me up, and I was actually in the hospital at 09.50, and I was in theatre at 10.00. 09.50 is an accurate time because it is written down in the paperwork and 10.00 is accurate, too.

Source: 7 July Review Committee [PDF]


P 231 I was standing in Carriage 1 facing the direction of travel when the explosion happened a couple of minutes after leaving Kings Cross station.

P 232 At that point other passengers trampled on my head and body trying to vacate the train.

Underneath me on the floor I could feel bodies but I couldn’t move to get off them. I could still only move my head and my left arm. There were body parts around me but I wasn’t able to identify them. I realised then that there were only 4 of us left alive.

Source: 7 July Review Committee [PDF]

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