THESE graphic pictures are taken from £5-a-time DVDs and videos said to have been viewed by the London bombers before their murder mission.

israel bombing

The Mirror obtained them from a Leeds bookshop - Beeston's Iqra "learning centre" - which has sold hundreds of such stock full of images of dying children and blast victims in Palestine, Afghanistan and India.


And the entire operation was allegedly funded by Government grants and lotto money - right down to the computers on which the propaganda films were produced.

Our copies are titled Hidden Agenda and Think Again - which an insider claims Hasib Hussain, 18, Shehzad Tanweer, 23, Mohammad Siddique Khan, 30, and Jermaine Lindsay, 19, may have watched.

Scenes from Palestine include a boy killed by an Israeli soldier and the infamous shot of the man cowering with his son on the West Bank before being killed.

Anti-terror squad detectives hunting the leaders behind the London bombs are to examine the store's computer files. But our investigation reveals various facts.

The men who ran Iqra - Mohammad Tafazal, army-trained Martin Abdullah McDaid and Naveed Fiaz - allegedly funded the store through grants to the Hamara Youth Centre, which received £589,000 in taxpayers' money made up of a £200,000 capital grant, a £200,000 neighbourhood renewal grant and a £189,000 EU building grant.

The trio allegedly expressed hatred of the West and support of Palestinian suicide bombers - and our source claims the videos were used for recruitment at anti-war demos with the fivers supposedly going to a Palestinian children's charity.

Bomber Siddique Khan was a regular companion of Fiaz for several years and the pair even visited our insider's home.

Keys to the "terror base" at 18 Alexandra Grove in Burley, Leeds, were regularly used by "brothers in arms" who came to the store and needed somewhere to stay.

The insider, who asked not to be named for fear of reprisals, also says McDaid asked for high-security encryption for their computer systems so it would hard even for government agencies to access e-mails.

The insider said: "The videos and DVDs talk about civilisation as they see it and spread messages of hate against the West."

He claimed: "Hidden Agenda and Think Again even stole material from the Government's own websites and then used it in the propaganda messages against them."

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And of the bookshop itself, he alleged: "The whole place is funded by grants and a lotto new opportunities fund which were awarded to the Hamara Centre and then used in iqra bookshop.

"Their computers were taken from Hamara when they were getting a load of new equipment so they took the old computers to the iqra and used them for the videos.

"But I know Tafazal - or Taf as we knew him - was getting grants for everything."

He added: "This whole venture started for Muslims but quickly became anti-West."

The source was first approached to start work at Iqra shortly after the 9/11 attacks.

He went on: "Taf would tell us about how he could get money from the Hamara and said it all came from Leeds city council, community grants and even EU funding.

"I could not believe all this Government money was being used to pump-out such anti-Government, anti-West propaganda."

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He said: "I am now convinced that the bombers saw these videos. And the address where the explosives were found - 18 Alexandra Grove in Burley - was immediately known to me because that was the place that was used to house any 'brothers' who needed somewhere to stay."

Police know the keys were with bomber Lindsay three weeks before the attacks.

Khalid Khaliq, the Ikra assistant being quizzed by police, was not at his family address yesterday. A man leaving Fiaz's home refused to comment and his partner Tracey Corrigan declined to come to the door.

Tafazal has not been seen at either of his addresses in Leeds for several days.

Abdullah McDaid referred us to his London-based solicitor, who has declined to return our calls for the past five days.

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